Residential Sandblasting & Home Restoration Services in Phoenix

The Perfect Home Restoration Solution

From removing layers of paint to restoring weathered materials, residential sandblasting can breathe new life into your home’s exteriors and interiors.

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See The Residential Blasting Process

Give your house a clean slate

Restore the appearance of your home or office by giving it a makeover with dustless blasting

We blast the build up

Our blasting process can remove coatings, grime, and calcium build-up all with no problem

Restore and renew

We can remove rust and more from the surfaces of antique furniture, wood decks, wood siding, and more

Comprehensive Residential Blasting Services For Every Home

Our residential sandblasting services cater to various needs within your home.

We specialize in treating surfaces such as wooden decks, concrete driveways, brick walls, metal fixtures, and more.

Whether you require paint removal, graffiti removal, surface restoration, or surface preparation for refinishing, we have the expertise and equipment to handle it all.

Our advanced sandblasting techniques, careful media selection, and state-of-the-art equipment ensure optimal results for your residential project.

The Process of Residential Blasting in Arizona

Our residential sandblasting process is designed to deliver outstanding results while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

We begin by assessing the surfaces and determining the most suitable sandblasting techniques and media for the specific material.

Our experienced team takes all necessary precautions to protect the surrounding areas and minimize any potential disruptions.

We then perform the sandblasting, carefully removing old paint, stains, or weathered layers to reveal a clean and refreshed surface.

Finally, we clean up the area, leaving your residential space ready for the next phase of renovation or refinishing.


Why Choose Us?

Totally Mobile

Our eco-friendly process keeps the dust at bay while producing no harmful plumes of dust


As a mobile service, we bring our services to you – so you don’t have to leave your area.

Safe + Effective

Our method is safe and effective on all surfaces like metal, wood, fibreglass, and more.

We Come To You

We’re mobile! We come to YOU! For all your surface preparation needs, give your local blasting experts a call.