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Professional Sandblasting Services in Phoenix

Leading onsite automotive, industrial and residential sandblasting services Arizona wide.

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    Sandblasting Services in Phoenix, Arizona Shattering Away Grime!

    The best sandblasting company in Phoenix, Arizona, has been found for you. For premier sandblasting services, look no further than Abrasive Blasting of Arizona. As the most experienced sandblasting experts in the area, we offer top-notch services that deliver outstanding results.

    No matter what type of surface preparation, restoration, or cleaning you need, we provide sandblasting services that cater precisely to your needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled team ensure smooth & efficient sandblasting.

    Using environmentally-friendly materials and adhering to strict safety measures, our utilities are committed solely to high quality & precision. With our on-site and mobile sandblasting services, we can meet the needs of various projects regardless of their size or complexity. 

    Whether you need abrasive blasting for automotive, industrial or residential projects, we have you covered.  Your task is in capable hands when you work with us; you can be sure of that. Our top objective is to offer our clientele the most extraordinary calibre of service while delivering prompt outcomes without sacrificing quality.

    Automotive Blasting

    ✓ Paint Stripping
    ✓ Rust Removal
    ✓ Chrome Removal
    ✓ Powder Coating Removal

    Residential Blasting

    ✓ Pool Tile Cleaning
    ✓ Wood Restoration
    ✓ Graffiti Removal
    ✓ Brick, Stone, Granite

    Industrial Blasting

    ✓ Fleet Vehicle Stripping
    ✓ Heavy Equipment Stripping
    ✓ Paint & Stripe Removal
    ✓ Rust Removal from Structural Steel

    We Use The Right Blasting Media For Every Surface Preparation Job

    We're completely mobile & offer onsite abrasive blasting services Arizona Wide.

    Why Choose Abrasive Blasting of Arizona for Sandblasting in Phoenix, AZ?

    Totally Mobile

    Our eco-friendly process keeps the dust at bay while producing no harmful plumes of dust


    We are committed to environmental responsibility with our sandblasting processes and materials.

    Safe + Effective

    Our method is safe and effective on all surfaces like metal, wood, fibreglass, and more.

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