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Welcome to Abrasive Blasting of Arizona. We are a highly experienced blast cleaning company offering a full range of wet and dry blasting services. From rust removal to surface preparation of various objects and materials, our reputation has helped our business flourish. All work is quoted, blasted, and completed by the owner, Robert.

Our sandblasting services are fully mobile, equipped with the most modern blasting rig on the market. This enables us to handle a variety of projects, from vehicle restoration and graffiti removal to paint stripping and heavy equipment restoration.

Comprehensive Mobile and Collection Blasting Services

Our Services

Let us tackle your biggest and toughest projects. We save you time, energy and money by blasting away hard-to-clean surfaces. Strip away old paint, restore wood to its original beauty, or clean pool tiles in one quick, easy service. Call us today!


Brick Cleaning

No matter the type, age, condition, or colour of the brickwork, we can complete any residential, commercial or agricultural project. 

Graffiti and Paint Removal
Abrasive Blasting of Arizona can remove paint or graffiti from all types of surfaces, which includes wood, stone, metal, brick and steel.
Concrete Cleaning
If you are on the lookout for a trustworthy way to return concrete to its original clean look, then our sandblasting service is exactly what you need.
Timber Cleaning & Restoration
We sandblast all types of timber from external and internal structural beams in barns, pubs and residential buildings.
Stone Restoration
There are few materials with the raw appeal of natural stone. However, years of dirt, dust, grime, can dull the effect and even cause lasting damage.
Metal Blasting
We sandblast various types of metal using techniques that effectively remove paint and rust, which will restore the metal back to its

We Use The Right Blasting Media Depending on the Surface Preparation Job

We're completely mobile & offer onsite abrasive blasting services Arizona -wide.

Why Choose Us

Abrasive blasting is faster and more efficient than sanding, scraping, grinding, or chemical stripping.
Safe & Effective
Our method is safe and effective on all surfaces like metal, wood, fibreglass, and more.
Environmentally Friendly
Since the debris is captured with the water during the blasting process, Dustless Blasting can be easily contained and cleaned.
Because there is no dust plume or toxic chemicals used, dustless blasting can be used in areas with strict environmental rules and regulations.
Less Containment Required
Less dust means more visibility and increasing worker safety, meaning we can blast in open environments, even when others are working nearby.

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